The Deluxe Bundle

L’ensemble Deluxe St-Germain, comprenant 1 bouteille de St-Germain, 1 carafe graduée à Spritz, 1 cuillère à mélanger, 2 verres
Cuillère à mélanger

The Deluxe Bundle

Is there a way to make your spirited cocktail celebrations bloom? Oui! Here is everything you need to make your sparkling soirées magnifiques, all bundled together for greater ease and effortlessness. Full of all your bar cart needs to dazzle your guests (and yourself) with the perfect St-Germain Spritz. 

Deluxe St-Germain Spritz Bundle includes the following:
*1 bottle of St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur (50cl), filled with up to 1000 fresh, wild elderflowers, essential in making the perfect French spritz.

*1 Signature St-Germain Spritz Carafe, designed with pour lines to help you create a precisely measured and perfectly balanced St-Germain Spritz.

*2 Signature St-Germain Spritz Glasses, beautifully align in design as a matched set with our St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur bottle. These elegant gold-rimmed glasses are ideal for a St-Germain Spritz or a St-Germain Hugo.

*1 St-Germain Bar Spoon, measuring 8-inches in length, is the exact size needed to mix your St-Germain Spritz in our Spritz Carafe.

Make this lavish bar cart bundle a part of your cocktail occassions, all season long!

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